Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tulemar Receives Costa Rica’s Environmental Blue Flag Award

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (PRWEB) April 10, 2014

For the seventh back to back year, Tulemar Beach has been named one of the cleanest shores in Costa Rica by the nation's Ecological Blue Flag affirmation program. A national panel yearly assesses the region's shores dependent upon water quality, sterile offices, waste transfer, vacationer wellbeing, interest in natural training in schools, and group inclusion in shore support, among other criteria.

The Ecological Blue Flag project is supported by the Water and Sewer Institute's National Water Laboratory, referred to in Costa Rica as "Aya." Led by a national board, a yearly assessment of the shores and groups that have decided to partake in the system is utilized to figure out whether sanitation and biological benchmarks are, no doubt met. Members who win a combined score of 90% in all zones are granted an Ecological Blue Flag of fabulousness. Tulemar Beach is around the 122 sunny shores to have submitted requisitions not long from now.

"We are extremely satisfied to have been granted the Ecological Blue Flag for the seventh year in succession," says Dave Houck, manager of Tulemar Vacation Homes, an excursion estate rental organization spotted inside strolling separation of Tulemar Beach. "Our staff here at Tulemar advances incredible exertion to keep Tulemar Beach as clean and eco-accommodating as could be allowed for our visitors and the numerous creatures that call Tulemar home. Guaranteeing that our exercises as an excursion estate rental organization are helping the earth, as opposed to hurting it, is a top necessity for us. Costa Rica is a characteristic heaven and we need to keep it that path for the happiness regarding both present and future eras."

Notwithstanding the yearly assessment, those granted with the Blue Flag are observed consistently to verify they stay in agreeability with the system. Cooperation has expanded consistently since the system's launch and has stretched to additionally assess and honor the Ecological Blue Flag to meriting groups, schools, and common secured ranges, in addition to different classifications. Secured first in Spain in 1986 and afterward in Costa Rica in 1996, more than 30 nations have received the Blue Flag project, including Panama, Guatemala, and Peru.

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